The Black Tar Opiate

The celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is here again as the United States prepares to enter Black History month. The normal expectation is for citizens across the country to celebrate and honor the man for giving birth to the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. Underneath the banner of Civil Rights and the … Continue reading The Black Tar Opiate


Finding Light In Bright

Spoiler Alert Right off the start, let me say that Bright is full of diversity-is-our-strength messages, which pretty much feels like salted sandpaper on road rash. If you can push past it, you will find an interesting mix of the video game world of Warcraft and the reality show Gangland. Surprisingly, there is an interesting … Continue reading Finding Light In Bright

The Church Needs To Be Obsessed With Sex

The “God is love” movement has turned Christendom from truth to feelings, sentimental connection, and endless philosophical speculation. Divinely revealed reality has been replaced with a passive gentleness that is fully accepting of all people and all things just for sake of avoiding the ugly feelings of rejection. Compassion has become equated with comfort and … Continue reading The Church Needs To Be Obsessed With Sex