Reverence Over Revival

Reverence 2.jpg

Whenever it appears to watchful eyes that religious devotion among Christians is waning, there are calls for some sort of spark to reignite a spirit of zeal. Some call it ‘revival’ and others call it ‘reformation.’ Among Catholics, ‘renewal’ is used. Whether it is a calling of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit or the fiery cheerleading for outward expressions of emotion, the goal is the same: get those who claim to follow Christ to be zealous about it.

The problem is always the same. Zeal, enthusiasm, and tearful weeping may elicit boastful rededication toward a changed life, but like other good intentions driven by human passion, they can wane in the stormy darkness of a fallen world. That moment of raised hands and shouted hallelujah is good on a Sunday morning, but six days of grinding under the weight of a fallen world can take its toll and leave a man needing another fix of emotional worship. No one would deny that joy should be part of the Christian life, but there is a difference between the hyper-exileration of Sunday morning and the quiet sense of truth that permeates every moment of every day.

Before the nineteenth century saw the full emergence of emotion-based Christianity, in response to the inability of Christians to rationally argue against Enlightenment thinking, religion was was based on expectations of men being devoted to the truth of Jesus Christ, devotion manifested in consistent rites and routines. While not overly emotional nor outwardly zealous, the habits of sacrament and virtue had the potential effect of building serious men of serious faith that was not dependent on elation, but on devotion as a labor of love.

Today, what served Christian men in centuries past can accomplish the same in the stormy midst of a world becoming brutally hostile to Christ and His Church. Young men are being raised in the emotional dominance of women which translates into severe emotional dependency that feeds the perpetual adolescence of modern worship, with all of its feelings-based relevance. And when men fall off, the call is to intensify the emotional experience, to up the dosage of the drug, to get men “fired up” for the Lord.

But men prove to be their best over time. It is not the Sunday-morning zealot that is ultimately remembered. It is the steady man that was capable of building and leading his family, that was a stalwart of wisdom and good decisions through seasons of happiness and sadness, that proved himself faithful over an entire lifetime, who is remembered.

The older world understood this need for longevity, and valued it. Religious tradition fostered longevity and devotion through a life of virtue. The traditions of the old world church ultimately built better men, who were far greater in their lives than the sexualized boys of today, boys who live only for today, have abandoned yesterday, and care nothing for tomorrow.

One of the aspects of traditional, old world Christianity is that wisdom and knowledge do not begin with zeal and celebration, though those may follow.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is prudence. – Proverbs 9:10

Recognizing the complete nature of God, of His sovereignty over the affairs of a man’s life, of His grace and judgment, is the place where a man should start a life of devotion. As Job declared:

… the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away: as it hath pleased the Lord, so is it done: blessed be the name of the Lord … If we have received good things at the hand of God, why should we not receive evil? – Job 1:21, 2;10

This sober and somber stance of humility does not eliminate zeal or void joy, but it tempers the temptation to run wild like naive children through a fallen world, to make the sensation of happiness the highest goal. A man may convince himself through his emotions that he is invincible, but the lion waiting to devour him cares little for his emotions.

To revitalize Christian men will take more than fires of zeal. Instead it will take men who are genuinely committed to the great cause of Western Civilization, including Church, Manhood, and Family. It will take men willing to walk away from “good friends, good food, and good times all the time,” the marketing point for modern America.

Needed for men is not a revival, but a reverence for Christendom and the Truth it preserves, even as both weather brutal assault.

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Meeting A Neo-Caesar


I am Neo-masculinity

The mass is ended. The congregants have left. I am at the back of the church, in my wheelchair, leaning forward so that I can rest my hands on the pew before me, and my eyes are closed as I silently pray and seek Christ crucified. The sanctuary is finally quiet, a holy place of needed contemplation.

There is a man in the pew in front of me, slightly to my left, also praying. We are both interrupted by a studious young man who remembers the other man from a previous meeting. The young man introduces his wife, young and meek, and he and the man in the pew begin a conversation.

I sit quietly for a few minutes, hoping this young man will finish his conversation and move on. But he does not. I sit there, looking at the giant crucifix at the front of the church, my thoughts gone and my intentions abandoned. Near the front of the church there is a family, the women wearing veils, also silently praying.

I abandon my attempt to pray in a silent church and go outside. At this point I am angry. The young man was confident, well dressed, and appeared quite pleased with his arc in life. But he did not care that the other man before him and myself were praying, carrying out acts of the sacred. What mattered was who he knew and the greatness of his current place.

To me, this is neo-masculinity, a generation of young men confident, dominant, and autonomous in their pursuit of greatness. For them, there is nothing sacred other than their own personal achievement. These men, who have no need of things divine, who have no guilt before God, are the ones expected to rise up and be the Caesars who will save Western Civilization from the globalists.

The only difference between the next generation of Communists and the next generation of Neo-masculine men is that the former will seek to rule the world under a Marxist banner and the latter will seek to rule the world for no other cause then their own glory. The future is a war between Stalin and the Caesars. Neither of them have any interest or need for Christ.

Yes, a new generation of men confident and free from feminist poisoning is rising, but they have no need for God as they are their own gods. The State, Islam, or Caesar. These are the future choices Western men have before them and Neo-masculinity is building the latter.

The West is drowning in the winepress of Enlightenment thinking and Christianity is rotting from within, fragmented by Protestant rebellion and weakened by its acceptance of modern ideas, such as equality. A true reclamation of the West will require a new generation of men who have as their sole mission devotion to Christ and His Holy Roman Catholic Church. They will have to take on the unholy beasts of the State, Islam, and the new Caesars. For the sake of us all, may they be victorious.

Christus Victoria

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The Church Needs To Be Obsessed With Sex

sodom 2.jpg

Sodom and Gomorrah.

The “God is love” movement has turned Christendom from truth to feelings, sentimental connection, and endless philosophical speculation. Divinely revealed reality has been replaced with a passive gentleness that is fully accepting of all people and all things just for sake of avoiding the ugly feelings of rejection. Compassion has become equated with comfort and acceptance.

Part of this acceptance is sexuality in all forms. While the traditional expectations of chastity before marriage between one man and one woman in a lifelong union are given a nod of respect, the emergence of non-traditional sexuality enshrined and embraced in a new community of sexual openness is the new litmus test for the Church. To reject the “gay” community, which includes all forms of sexuality from homo- to bi-sexuality and allows for casual sexuality without any expectation of fidelity, is to be a church called “judgmental” and “fundamentalist.” To prove God is love, the Church is called to accept the “gay” community, providing a place where there is never criticism of non-traditional sexuality. The comfort of acceptance free from the judgment of rejection is the goal.

At the same time, the “God is love” movement is also heralding the ongoing call for “compassion” for the poor and disenfranchised, especially racial minorities, women and gays. Compassion is acceptance for those who feel rejected. The idea of compassion for the less fortunate is indeed a noble goal and enshrined in the heart of Christianity. Those who are in the traditional camps who feel rejected and disenfranchised by the new movement are, however, quietly ignored.

Historically, Christianity offered a view that puts acceptance of sexual license at odds with compassion and in fact views sexual license as the forerunner of social cruelty.

One of the more profound accounts in biblical history is that of Sodom and Gomorrah. It records a community in such a state of sexual depravity that the men of the city sought to have sex with the men who were staying with Lot. And Lot himself offers his daughters to the crowd as virgin sacrifices and is later date-raped by his own daughters (cf. Genesis 19). The level of sexual anarchy was such that God destroyed the city. Until recently, the word “sodomy” was used to describe homosexual sex between two men or any kind of sexuality that included the violation of the anus, the very mark of complete sexual depravity.

Some have argued, in defense of the open sexuality, that Sodom was not destroyed because of its sexual proclivities, but because it did not care for the poor. As proof, they quote Ezekiel 16:49:

Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, surfeit of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy.

However, the apostle Paul saw a connection between sexual license and cruelty. In the first chapter of Romans, in the second half, he lays a blanket accusation against man from God. In this declaration of universal guilt, he marks as a sign of man’s descent into depravity three major points.

First, man rejects acknowledging God, including his accountability to and dependence on Him:

For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened (Romans 1:21).

Second, having turned away from God, the immediate result is sexual anarchy:

Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves (Romans 1:24).

Finally, without God and in a state of sexual anarchy, they become cruel and malicious:

They were filled with all manner of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malignity, they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless (Romans 1:29-31).

Sexual license is the surest sign of man rejecting God and a guarantee of a cruel society. The Church being obsessed with sex is important because no society can rightly claim to be just and compassionate while holding a state of sexual anarchy. For a man to claim to be a compassionate Christian and yet live a life of sexual license is to live a lie. Chastity and charity go hand in hand.

True compassion in and from the Church will only be achieved when marriage is again upheld as a binding institution and all other forms of sexuality are soundly and thoroughly rejected. This includes divorce, casual sex, and the pernicious lie that is called the “gay lifestyle.” Men must reject sexual hedonism and the feminist exaltation of women and return to God, dedicating themselves to Christ, Tradition, and Scripture. Then they will have a foundation from which to embrace a wife and children and the world in the compassion of truth and service.

If men cannot govern and care for themselves in terms of sex, then there is no reason to  expect them to care for others in everyday life.

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A Moment Of Sober Reflection

Crusader warrior.jpg

Sometimes the battle against evil and sin takes its toll on a warrior. He fights a hundred battles against himself each day as well as the larger battle that is with him every waking moment in the world around him.

Satan, in his great wrath, is relentless, malicious, and devoid of surrender. In order for a man to live, the devil must die. No eloquent speeches or warm-hearted, closed door meetings to hammer out a world-making agreement two hundred pages long. No, that will not do.

For a man to live righteously, he must draw his sword and run the thing through Satan’s heart, to the hilt, and will a loud cry of “Christus Victoria!

However, Satan, stabbed and bleeding, is not going to retreat without a fight. The warrior, the Holy Crusader for the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Church, must fight with as much vigor and relentless resolve as his enemy.

The kingdom does indeed suffereth violence and the violent bear it away.

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Is White Genocide God’s Doing?


In my Protestant years, I was a student of eschatology and the end times. In modern protestant thinking, Israel plays a major roll in events immediately preceding the return of Christ. The fundamental idea is that God has blinded Jews to the reality of Jesus as Christ while giving the Kingdom to the Gentiles for a finite period of time.

In Pauls’ letter to the church in Rome, he writes:

I must not fail, brethren, to make this revelation known to you; or else you might have too good a conceit of yourselves. Blindness has fallen upon a part of Israel, but only until the tale of the Gentile nations is complete … they [Israel] are rebels now, obtaining pardon for you, only to be pardoned in their turn (Romans 11:25,32).

I will make some observations.

  • Paul wrote this declaration to the Roman Christians. Essentially, these were Catholics as Rome was the foothold from which Christianity grew, blossomed and blessed the world. By the first century, the basics of the Roman Catholic faith, including the Sacraments, the Magisterium, and the Holy Orders were already established with the Latin language of the Roman Empire.
  • The decline of the Roman Church has been especially acute in the past fifty years, as Church leadership has softened the heritage of the Roman Latin Church to make way for more modern concepts like equality and inclusiveness.
  • The Protestant Reformation could be considered the great “falling away” that the Apostle Paul wrote about in 2 Thessalonians 2: Do not let anyone find the means of leading you astray. The apostasy must come first; the champion of wickedness must appear first, destined to inherit perdition. This is the rebel who is to lift up his head above every divine name, above all that men hold in reverence, till at last he enthrones himself in God’s temple, and proclaims himself as God. (vv 3-4). Without the singular authority of God in the Roman Church, each individual man is left to be his own authority, to essentially appoint himself as God’s anointed, whether he is actually of God or not. The result has been a Christian faith and culture that has been free falling into tragic decadence and irrelevance.

If today’s demographical and racial decimation of Europe is the work of God fulfilling the “Times of the Gentiles,” then the emerging dominance of Jews in Israel  and American media might mean that Christ is getting close to revealing Himself to Israel. The weakening of the Gentiles through the weakening of the Church that Christ founded in Rome may be a sign that Christ’s return is near.

If this is true, it is bittersweet. No citizen of Christendom would sanely celebrate its decline and yet its decline may mean a greater event, the return of Jesus Christ to earth.

I write these things as suggestions only. I am not a prophet of Christ nor do I claim to be.

Dues Vult.

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The Left Needs Forgiveness

White guilt.jpgComing from a blog that spouts traditional and conservative views, this title might sound downright shocking. Forgiveness? Is it not such lines of thought that has caused conservatives to compromise the traditions of their fathers and led us into the mess we see today?

The forgiveness they need will not and should not come from Traditionalists. After all, Traditionalists are mortal men and man is not equal with God. The forgiveness American Progressives need can only come from God through His grace given to the Church.

For the better part of the past century, the Left has been driven by white guilt. It was seeded by their grandfathers, perpetuated by their fathers, and has consumed their children who now go to college to be trained in the arts of Social Justice and who join militant Marxist groups like Antifa.

Michael Moore Tweet

Instead of seeking redemption through revolution and revenge against their fellow countrymen, they perhaps would be better people all around if they went to Confession instead to Congress. However, the Left, having fully accepted the new trinity of Darwin, Marx, and Freud, has Left behind Christ and His cross, God’s own offering of forgiveness toward sinners, even if those sinners believe themselves guilty of crimes they themselves did not commit.

The Alt-Right has emerged in defiance of the accusations of perpetual white guilt, which serves to validate the white guilt that the left has become dependent on for its sense of identity. The Left says, “White man, thou art damned!” and the Alt-Right says, “White man, thou art innocent!”

Yet, will any say, “Christ, thou art Lord!”

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Kate By Tennyson

Alfred Lord Tennyson.jpg

I know her by her angry air,
Her bright black eyes, her bright black hair,
Her rapid laughters wild and shrill,
As laughter of the woodpecker
From the bosom of a hill.
‘Tis Kate–she sayeth what she will;
For Kate hath an unbridled tongue,
Clear as the twanging of a harp.
Her heart is like a throbbing star.
Kate hath a spirit ever strung
Like a new bow, and bright and sharp
As edges of the scymetar.
Whence shall she take a fitting mate?
For Kate no common love will feel;
My woman-soldier, gallant Kate,
As pure and true as blades of steel.

Kate saith “the world is void of might”.
Kate saith “the men are gilded flies”.
Kate snaps her fingers at my vows;
Kate will not hear of lover’s sighs.
I would I were an armèd knight,
Far famed for wellwon enterprise,
And wearing on my swarthy brows
The garland of new-wreathed emprise:
For in a moment I would pierce
The blackest files of clanging fight,
And strongly strike to left and right,
In dreaming of my lady’s eyes.
Oh! Kate loves well the bold and fierce;
But none are bold enough for Kate,
She cannot find a fitting mate.

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