We Have To Fight

we-were-soldiersWhen a men decides to engage in a war of words, hoping that it does not become a war of weapons, he should know why he is fighting. Not every cause is worth the effort and sacrifice and most causes are not even worth a second glance. West Minded Men is a blog started because there is a war being waged that is both real and deadly. This blog is but one small drop in an ocean of ink being spilled (digitally or otherwise), but sometimes a penny in a wishing well full of pennies matters.

America culture has been awash in propaganda feeding the minds of two or more generations on the concept of a global utopia. The names have changed, but the basic idea is still the same. If the entire world can be governed by secular socialism, which is just a kindler, gentler face painted on Stalin’s Soviet Union, it is believed that all human suffering can be eliminated.

The West is on a suicidal slide to self destruction due to the belief that its existence is a crime against humanity. The three main realities of Western life have all been blacklisted as evil by those seeking to destroy the West. These realities are Christianity, men, and Occidental nationalism. Whether accepted or not, much of what America enjoys was birthed in a Christian patriarchy made of up of European men. These men were mostly Italian, French, German, Scottish, Irish, and British. From the Medieval Church to the Enlightenment to the drafting of the United States Constitution, the most profound developments of education, science, culture, and government have been from men who were European and Christian.

However, these developments did not happen without war and conquest and the great accusation against the Christian West is that it should have. Since the Christian white man has failed to magically bless the world without causing pain, Christianity, whites, and men are marked as evil and their entire history relegated to the dustbin of forgotten memory. Not even Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Constitution are immune.

The cultural war in America has been waged to promote a revolution of minorities against whites, women against men, atheism against Christianity, the poor against the rich, the new against the old. It is a revolution in name of all being equal in hopes of ending all human suffering.

So now, in this new world, there are no ethnic nations, no ordering of men and women for the sake of family, church, and culture, and no one is excluded from the banner of “American,” even if they live elsewhere. Everything in America seems fine. We have fast food, football, and a gas station on every corner, so what is there to war against? The world seems to be better off without race, sex, or separation, so why does a blog like West Minded Men fight against it? The progressives would say it is because of racism, sexism, and hate.

The global secular proponents know that they must either eliminate or at the very least subjugate the Occidental male, the white men living in Europe and America, so their history and their Christian culture will die with them. That Christian culture has ingrained in it the persistent cry of individual liberty from massive government entities. Kill the white man and his liberty-loving Christian heritage will die with him. African, Arab, South American, and other nations have chosen, in some way, the opposite, trading in liberty for something else, be it Communism, Islam, or tribal war. This is why immigration has been overwhelmingly from non-white, non-Christian nations to Christian America and Europe.

But West Minded Men looks at what Western Christian civilization and its European men have done for the world, is humbled and amazed at how grand and great is Christ to allow and sustain such a history, and has decided that there is something worth defending, however imperfect and human it might be.

West Minded Men also believes that if the new world of global equality and diversity is actually achieved, it will not mean an end of human suffering, but the amplification of suffering, much like the tens of millions of people who suffered and died under various Soviet regimes during the near global domination of Communism.

That is worth fighting against.


One thought on “We Have To Fight

  1. The Enlightenment is really what sits at the root of the West’s degeneration, as several scholars in the last century noted. Its ideas have really nothing in common with the Greco-Roman and Medieval world. Hence why the French Revolutionaries butchered Christians. It’s the same boss today as it was then, and yes, they do want to turn the West into the third world. The ideology had at its root to remove God from the West. Without Him, Westerners are as the Canaanites and will end up the same way unless they turn away from debauchery and atheism.


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