Peaceful Muslims Are Not Islam

Peaceful MuslimsThe word “Christian” is often used with “hypocrisy” for numerous reasons. Christians often oppose abortion while supporting the death penalty, for example. Christians criticize divorce, but do not accept homosexual marriage, for another. In each instance, these are grounds for accusations that Christians say one thing and do another, which is what hypocrisy is. Never mind that by that standard, the accusers are mostly projecting their own hyper-hpocrisy.

Another area of the tar and feathering of Christians is over violence. From the Crusades to modern acts of criminal destruction, Christians are called hypocrites for not being the pacifist that Jesus was. After all, Jesus commanded that His followers love their enemies and a potential Christian who guns down people at an abortion clinic is not following orders. Again, never mind that the pacifist view of Jesus comes from atheists pretending to be Christians who get their feelings hurt when it is suggested that Jesus is God and as God will most likely use some serious, earth-shattering violence against mankind (oh, I’m so sorry for the micro-aggression … peoplekind) when He returns.

Since Christians are called to love their enemies (by which the atheists / progressives mean submit to the total rule by Communists) violence in the name of Jesus looks like violence in the name of Muhammed. For sure, someone somewhere is fully convinced that Muhammed taught his followers to love their enemies.

If Christians are hypocrites for acts of violence, Muslims are hypocrites for their acts of peace.

Christians are followers of Christ and the primary thing that Jesus did was to die a horrible death voluntarily at the hands of his enemies in order to offer salvation to those who accept it (leaving damned those who will not). One of the last things Jesus is reported as saying is “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

As for Muhammed, Baylor University professor Rodney Stark, in his book God’s Battalions, writes

In what become known as his farewell address, Muhammed is said to have told his followers: “I was ordered to fight all men until they say ‘There is no god but Allah'” … In this spirit, Muhammed’s heirs set out the conquer the world.

Stark then goes on to briefly describe numerous wars of conquest in the name of Islam throughout the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries, leading up to Christendom’s response to being conquered, the Crusades.

Having this example of violent conquest started by Muhammed and then brought full bore by his followers, when a Muslim commits an act of violence in the name of Allah or Muhammed, they are not hypocrites. They are doing exactly what a follower of Muhammed would be expected to do; kill his enemies in violent conquest in the name of Islam. It is the Muslims who wish to simply live a peaceful, prosperous life (and immigrating to Christian nations to do so) who are hypocrites for not following the example of Muhammed. Islam is not, nor ever can be, a religion of peace.

Christians who seek peace while allowing for violence in extreme situations are not nearly the hypocrites that peaceful Muslims are. Christianity was founded on self-sacrifice and forgiveness. Peace with others is the rule, only be violated in the most dire of circumstances and only in just ways. Islam was founded on merciless conquest. Violence is the rule while peace is merely a facade until violence can be successfully unleashed.

There is nothing for the devout Christian to be ashamed of when a Christian, so-called, commits an act of violence. For there is grace and forgiveness for the violent, for such is Christ. However, there is something for the devout Christian to be concerned with, even afraid of: peaceful Muslims on Christian shores. These are hypocrites pretending Islam is peaceful while knowing full well that at some point, the forgiving Christian must either submit or be killed.


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