Rediscovering Divine Revelation

  In the days before I converted to Catholicism I wrestled with a simple, but profound question. Did the Traditions of the Church come from God or from Man? After examining the evidence as well as working through several other philosophical thoughts I came to conclusion that, yes, the Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church … Continue reading Rediscovering Divine Revelation


Civilization Or Christendom

Among the numerous voices advocating for the revitalization of masculinity, dismantling of disproven visions of social engineering, and the restoration of the West, I cannot but help notice that many of these voices are atheist, advocates of unfettered sexual experience, and, sometimes, even homosexual. What there is little of are arguments from a generally Christian … Continue reading Civilization Or Christendom

What Does It Mean To Be A Traditionalist Catholic?

I will confess that part of the reason I converted to Roman Catholicism was to get away from the splintered and shattered mess that is the American Protestant church. There is a tremendous amount of┬ásincerity, but a sincere blindness to the cracked weakness of their own position in the dominance of modernist sensibilities. However, as … Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be A Traditionalist Catholic?