A Truly Unpopular Traditionalism

Unpopular TraditionThe Unpopular Thought

The great spirit of the modern age is one of relaxed morals and especially of relaxed devotion to things ancient, sacred, and supernatural. To be a modern Catholic is to be laid back about those things closest to and most important about the faith. In a moment of needed clarity, Davis M.J. Aurini shines light on why the acknowledgement of Christ is so unimportant in today’s Catholic Church.

It’s used to be that the Church was where you got your sense of meaning, your identity. It was the absolute. Whereas the politics, it’s like your opinion, man. These days we are deriving our identity, our morality, and our sense of valuation from the political sphere. And your religion, like, that’s just your opinion, man.

I have come to believe that a major reason why Catholic identity has moved away from the Roman Church to the American body politic is because many have been convinced of a simple philosophical concept. All things are naturally equal.

If all things are naturally equal, then inequality is a social construct. In this utopian paradigm, claims of superiority are man-made and not in line with reality. The idea that God is greater than Man is an ancient, primitive concept when in reality, it is believed, God and Man are equal. This has been applied to the Church and an erosion of the Church has been the result.

God and Man being equal nullifies the concepts of God judging Man, of sin, and eternal separation. It also nullifies the concept of the God-Man, Jesus Christ being superior to other divinities, such as Muhammed or Buddha. And since Christ is but a god among gods, so the Catholic Church is but a church among churches. Men and Women are but humans among humanity.

(Notice the use of title-case words compared to lower-case words. This is deliberate on my part. We’ve moved from giving titles to superior things to bringing them down into the blandness of common test tube labels.)

Most people I know have no problem with me being a devout Catholic, a Traditionalist resisting the spiritual laziness of modernity through simply taking the faith seriously. However, resisting the modern devotion to equality is tantamount to sin.


Because, as a Davis Aurini has stated, the moral center has moved from the Church to politics and the defacto moral standard for politics is equality. The noble man is not he who submits to things greater than himself, but rather he who rebels against and tries to pull them down for his own individual benefit.

However, Creator and created are not equal, men and women are not equal (how can they be if men are called to govern his family?), divine revelation and scientific theory are not equal, and Catholic morality and secular politics are definitely not equal.

Yeah, definitely not a popular idea.

Equality As A Poison And Lie

Inequality calls men and women to strive for something greater than themselves, be it a greater morality, a greater devotion, or a greater society. If some things are better than others, than to not strive for what is superior is to accept decline toward the inferior, no matter how far it goes. Equality calls men and women to settle for the lowest common denominator. Alexis de Tocqueville made a couple of astute observations about equality as he toured America in the 19th century:

There are no surer guarantees of equality among men than poverty and misfortune.


Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

What his thinking reveals is that equality does not elevate men. Ultimately, it lowers men, moving everyone to the lowest point. When it comes to kings and peasants, equality does not make everyone royalty. It does, however, make kings into paupers.

Worse is that equality thinking feels like an optimistic utopian dream of the best for everyone, but by necessity calls people into not striving for the best. Doing their best might create inequality over another and so doing as much as the next man is all that is required. It is a competition to get to the bottom instead of the top. Such a mindset makes it quite easy for those who propose equality for the masses to place themselves in positions of elite governance.

And herein lies the madness of the lie. Equality is proposed as a righteous remedy to the evil of medieval inequality while completely ignoring that a newer and more oppressive form of inequality is being established as a handful of elites seek to rule completely over the masses. For the sake of equality, the masses are quite willing to accept a polite and elegant form of slavery.

The Tradition Of Church Supremacy

Restoring the natural and rational idea that not all are equal and that the inequalities of life can actually promote better men is an important aspect of Traditional Catholic thinking. The first place to begin is to adhere to and promote the one, true, holy, apostolic, Catholic Church as superior to all others. The Church of Rome being superior yesterday, today, and tomorrow provides a lasting venue for Christ being superior in the hearts of men. This is something modern churchianity and culture has utterly failed to do.

In my pursuit of Tradition, I have chosen not only to pursuit as deep a devotion as I can, but I am fully convinced that the superiority of the Catholic Church (despite its current weakness) justifies that devotion. Truly, if Christ is superior to me (and I assure you He is) then His Catholic Church is superior to all other claims, regardless of their sincerity.


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