Civilization Or Christendom

Civilization or ChristendomAmong the numerous voices advocating for the revitalization of masculinity, dismantling of disproven visions of social engineering, and the restoration of the West, I cannot but help notice that many of these voices are atheist, advocates of unfettered sexual experience, and, sometimes, even homosexual. What there is little of are arguments from a generally Christian perspective and specifically a Roman Catholic perspective.

This is understandable as Christianity in the West is horribly anemic, compromised, and reduced to wandering rebels without a clue. Even the vaunted Catholic Church seems to be doing its hardest to deny the words of Christ declaring that nothing would ever prevail against it. Some effort is being made to assure men that Christianity is not just for women and children, but no effort is being made to deal with the causes of what men believe.

There are two perspectives of the West. First is the view that advocates for Western Civilization. The other advocates for Western Christendom.

The Western Civilization perspective views everything in a timeline that covers ancient cultures and civilization and includes Greek wisdom, Roman ingenuity, Christian morals, and Enlightenment-era advances in science. This perspective is, by its nature, atheistic. There may be invocations of “God” as an abstract religious concept, but no genuine belief in things supernatural is required. Civilization is a product of race, culture, and experience and the rediscovery of a worldview embracing these foundational elements of knowledge is said to be the key to saving the West from extinction.

The Western Christendom perspective also recognizes ancient civilizations as well as the realities of race and culture. However, it holds that a core source of the most important knowledge was given by Divine Revelation. Not only is there a God, but this God gave to Man unique knowledge that he could not have gleaned on his own though merely materialistic means. These divine sources include Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.

The reason why one view is humanistic and the other theistic began when the historic Western Church was rejected at the Reformation and developed through the Enlightenment where Man discovered permission to  rebel against God Himself. Darwin allowed thinkers to redefine Man’s beginnings. Freud allowed them to redefine Man’s present. Marx redefined Man’s future. The humanist holy trinity was established and the new cathedral began construction.

The theistic view declares that the divinely revealed knowledge is not only superior to all other knowledge, but vital to the survival of Man and the longevity of whatever he may build on that divine knowledge, such as Western Christendom.

At this moment, the two views seek something similar, the preservation of a Western world. Soon, though, the Christian and the atheist are going to have to compete over who will rule a renewed West. Given that Christianity offers a devotion to something divine and this devotion may be the only thing to stop the Islamic conquest of the West, Christendom may prevail. Until then, the West must endure a weak Church caught up in an atheist civil war.


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