Blackmail Of The Roses

Blackmail of the Sexes.jpg

If a man were to open his bible and read the various admonitions to Christians concerning husbands and wives, he would notice that they are voluntary in nature. Husbands are not told to force their wives to submit and wives are not told to force their husbands to love them. The love of the husband and the love of the wife are to be given freely. This makes sense given that an action done under threat is not an act of love.

Even though the Christian family is being dissolved in the countries of the Occident, men and women are still seeking the love and submission family arrangement from each other.  They have separated from each other and chosen paths that are meant to force the other to fulfill their family role.

The dominant sex is women choosing the State as their source of blackmail when dealing with men. With the legal system backing their right to no fault divorce and favoring them in cases of child custody and alimony, women are now able to force men to love them. Men marry them and live devoted, passive lives under the threat that if they displease their wives, they may very well lose half of their material possessions in a divorce and be enslaved to the wronged female through alimony.

Those men who choose not enter into marriage to avoid this threat have several options. They can marry an non-occidental woman from cultures where women are less empowered or they can simply live life as a bachelor, interacting with women through random sexual encounters. A portion of men have chosen enter the porn industry where their beefed bodies are used in a pseudo-violent sexuality portrayed through numerous scripted scenarios where actors and actresses play their illicit roles. In these filmed and financed encounters, men are in positions to dominate, to force women into submissive states where their pleasure is given priority. Regardless of what path a man chooses, the threat is the same. They are threatening to withhold their money and strength in an effort to blackmail woman into submission.

Women use the power of the law to blackmail men into giving them the love they want. Men use the power of money to blackmail women into giving them the submission they want.

What neither is doing is humbling themselves before God and entering voluntarily into His call to marriage and family. In such a place, the man might not always be a loving a husband and the wife would lack the legal power that could force him to love her. The woman might not always be submissive and the husband could not use his financial power to force her to submit. There is fear and fear feeds pride.

What there is not is faith and only faith can truly forge a genuine marriage and provide men and women the submission and love each crave and need.


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